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Energy & Carbon Saving Additive for Chilled Water Systems

Reduce carbon emissions and save on cooling energy consumption for both process and comfort water cooled chiller systems.

EndoCool is an energy saving additive for any chilled water system.

EndoCool reduces surface tension and increases the temperature transfer efficiency of water-cooled chiller systems.

According to estimates, 40% of the world’s electricity is used for air conditioning and building cooling.

Many commercial and industrial cooling systems rely on chilled water to distribute cool air around a building.

These electrically driven systems can be a large expenditure for building owners and operators.

EndoCool is a product designed for chilled water systems to reduce energy consumption and carbon footprint.

EndoCool RAC Cooling Industry Awards Winner 2021
EndoCool saves up to 15%

Reduce energy consumption and cooling costs in any chilled water HVAC system by up to 15%.

EndoCool reduces carbon emissions

Substantial carbon emission reduction achieved by a low embodied carbon footprint product.

Based on verified, tested technology

Based on existing independently verified, third party laboratory tested, award winning technology.

EndoCool is fast and easy to install

Fast and easy installation. No disturbance or system downtime required. Can be installed and start saving without interruption.

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EndoCool was piloted by a 54-storey mixed-use building in Dubai’s central business district.

The building is connected to a district energy system and requires constant air chilling for comfort cooling.

EndoCool saved 13.76% on cooling energy consumption over 10 months, with full ROI delivered in under 12 months.

EndoCool can be used in conjunction with glycols and other anti-freeze technology and can help improve system efficiencies compared to water-only systems.

HVAC hydronic fluid viscosity is often increased when chilled water systems are dosed with anti-freeze chemicals. In spite of providing freeze protection, this can significantly reduce the fluid flow rates.

The result can often be excessive pumping and running times, which in turn increases energy consumption. By reducing the surface tension of the system fluid, EndoCool reduces the workload of the cooling system.

EndoCool is a cost effective, easy to install, energy saving measure that provides the following optimisations to any water cooled chiller system:

HVAC system circuits, EndoCool is added to the secondary circuit

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Independently Tested.

Both EndoTherm and EndoCool have been tested and verified by multiple third-party authorities.


EndoCool is suitable for use in any chilled water system.

Installation is quick and easy with no downtime or interruption.

Interested in saving on heating costs?

EndoTherm is an award winning, energy saving additive for hydronic heating systems.

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