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Frequently Asked Questions

Answers to the most common questions about EndoCool including dose rate, installation and more…

What is EndoCool?

EndoCool is a liquid additive for chilled water hvac systems that can deliver reduction in energy consumption and carbon emissions.

EndoCool is powered by EndoTherm and part of the same family of products.

How does EndoCool work?

Like with EndoTherm, EndoCool works by changing the physical and thermal properties of water to improve the heat transfer efficiency and performance of hydronic cooling systems. Visit the How EndoCool Works page for more information.

What are the benefits of EndoCool?

EndoCool will:

  • Substantially reduce carbon emissions, helping to reach carbon net zero targets.
  • Cool down chilled water systems quicker and reach set temperatures faster.
  • Reduce chiller run times to maintain thermostatically controlled temperatures.
  • Reduce chiller approach temperatures (between condenser and chilled water loop).
  • Reduce compressor workloads, pumping loads and pumping conditions.
  • Increase ΔT between flow and return temperatures.
  • Work synergistically with or without glycol antifreeze.
  • Improve chiller system efficiency, performance and save energy.


How much EndoCool does my building need?

EndoCool is dosed at a 1:100 ratio based on the cooling system size/fluid capacity. In short this means 1 litre of EndoCool is installed per 100 litres of system fluid.

Please contact the team for assistance in calculating exact volumes required for your specific application.

Does EndoCool work in any cooling system?

EndoCool works in any closed chiller system that is cooled using water.

When looking at EndoCool suitability, the first and most critical question is to establish that there is a cooling system being run through a secondary chilled water circuit.

How long does EndoCool last?

Assuming there is no draining or significant loss to cooling system fluid, EndoCool remains thermally stable and active delivering savings for at least 5 years.

How do I install EndoCool?

EndoCool is very easy to install via a dosing pot. Installation instructions are as follows:

  1. Isolate the dosing pot by closing valves that are open during regular operation.
  2. Very slowly open the valve between the dosing pot and vessel. The water will be under pressure, ensure the valve is opened slowly to relieve the pressure.
  3. When the valve is fully open drain the vessel by opening the vessel drainage valve.
  4. Drain to the floor or to a collection container as appropriate. If required, take a pre-install sample of water and place in a sealed, labelled container.
  5. When the vessel is empty, close the drainage valve.
  6. Add EndoCool by slowly pouring into the dosing pot. When the vessel is full, close the valve between the dosing pot and vessel.
  7. Re-open valves that are required to be open during regular operation, this will admit the chiller system fluid and transport EndoCool into the system.
  8. If more EndoCool is required than the volume the dosing pot will permit allow 15 minutes for the initial charge to circulate then repeat steps 1-6 above until all the EndoCool is installed.


Is EndoCool dangerous/hazardous?

EndoCool is not dangerous or hazardous to touch. It has the official classification of a “mild irritant” but carries no hazardous threat as defined by EU Directive 91/689/EEC (No Discharge Requirements).

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