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Net Zero Carbon Buildings

With climate change and sustainability at the top of global political, social and economic agendas there has never been a better time to build back better and greener.

Climate change is a very real threat

With the UN Climate change conference COP26 just around the corner, international focus has shifted back to fulfilling the Paris agreement, with each country drawing up their own roadmap of dynamic plans and targets for decarbonization and the transition to a more sustainable future.

The UK has focused on 2050 as the target for complete decarbonization. For this to be possible a huge amount of investment, planning and execution needs to be made on a national scale.

Transitioning away from fossil fuels and building a sustainable future poses many challenges the largest of which is the huge amounts of fossil energy needed to be consumed to achieve the growth and change.

The race is on to decarbonize buildings

Net zero carbon as a phrase refers to balancing or offsetting consumption however put very simply the immediate focus needs to be on reducing energy consumption (including waste) which in turn reduces carbon and greenhouse gas emissions.

Whilst there is no single answer, building owners and operators need to be actively looking at solutions to push towards net zero carbon buildings with reducing the energy they consume rather than the fuel that powers them being the highest priority.

Unfortunately, all too often these solutions require heavy investment in equipment or widescale projects to ensure that new or replacement buildings include environmental considerations and technologies, again requiring further consumption of energy to carry out.

However, there are cost effective low hanging fruit solutions that can be easily implemented to do everything possible to reduce carbon via reducing energy consumption.

Carbon reduction can start right now

EndoCool offers a very real consumption reduction opportunity that is both cost efficient and easy to install.

By optimizing the thermal contact of the fluid within cooling systems, EndoCool provides a very real opportunity to reduce energy consumption from building cooling systems whilst continue to cool spaces to thermostatically set temperatures in the same way.

EndoCool as a product itself contains very little embodied carbon and can become carbon neutral in the first few days of use.

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